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Opening Day

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Welcome....The Full Story BUY, SELL, NETWORK HANDMADE

We are Janice and Danielle (age before beauty). Handmade FuZion was created and developed by women who just happen to be blessed by being sisters. We are just like you, addicted to creatively exploring our talents and deeply encouraged when someone purchases our creations and, of course, we love to shop! We are the best of friends, confidants and have for many years talked about a business venture together. We are thankful for our encouraging husbands, who put up with our creative ideas and between us we have 7 children; the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 9 months. Janice is married for 19 years, has 3 amazing sons ages 18 through 10, she is a web designer and office manager for her husband's business. Danielle is a former Medical Transcription Specialist who has four little angels ranging in age from 9 months old to 13 years old.

We started research and development in 2005 and then we launched the beta version wwcrafters.com. There was much to learn and many modifications were needed to step up to the selling venue level we are at now with Handmade FuZion. We combined the Social Networking aspects of Handmade FuZion because we realized that many artisans love to showcase, promote and express their talents to family, friends and peers. There are thousands of blogs, photo sites and other social networks out there, but Handmade FuZion's Network is unique because it is a site designed specifically for the opportunity to be a part of an artist centered network!

Handmade FuZion is a juried website. We jury for two reasons; the first is to keep out the resellers of mass produced items, and the second is to keep a cap on those categories that tend to become oversaturated. We would want this for ourselves and it enables our artisans to showcase and be seen. We have three jury teams that are comprised of 5 people each. We did this to create a fair and unbiased jury process. Between the two of us, we would let every applicant in (because we believe they are all talented), but that would defeat the purpose of a juried website and be unfair to those who applied under those circumstances.

While planning and developing this site was a huge undertaking, nothing was quite the task of getting this blog up and running! We think it is going to be awesome, and we hope you will agree!

We hope to update this regularly but with demanding schedules we might have "guest" bloggers come in.

Artisan Preview #1

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