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Featured Artisan Giggling Goldfish

By Handmade FuZion on 4:30 AM

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Giggling Goldfish

It's just fun stuff.

Where are you located?
Boca Raton Florida

How long have you been creating handmade items? I come from a family of artists and crafters and have been creating ever since I can remember.

What type of products do you offer? In this shop I try to create childrens items that will hopefully become one of those life long treasures.

How did you decide on your companyʼs name? When my youngest daughter was younger she would always say that her goldfish were smiling at her, so when we starting creating together it just seemed perfect.

What is your motivation? I am totally kid inspired!

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? I am on of those that literally enjoy every single aspect of creating. From thinking up an idea in my head to putting it to paper, the actual creating and adding all those little details that I think make a piece so special to packaging each piece so that it looks like a special gift and then the most important getting the most amazing feedback from a customer telling me just how much their new little piece is loved.

Which items are your best sellers? My watches are definitely a big hit with the moms and little ones. I worked really hard trying to come up with something fun, unique but educational at the same time.. I have an eighteen month old son who always wants to be like the big kids and is always eager to learn. My monster wallets are also doing well. Again, fun but educational.

How do you market your products? I do a lot of word of mouth, passing my business cards out everywhere, Twitter, Flickr, my kids are always with something that I created so that is a big door opener, my webpage is still a work in progress though, but am currently creating new marketing material that I am going to distribute.

What are your favorite features on Handmade FuZion? What new features would you like to see? I like that I can view all of my product information on one page. I like that you have the featured artist and will have the Fuzion Finds, would like to see the slide on the front page larger than a one item view.

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Believe in yourself and love what you do and the rest will follow. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to listing more items this coming year and being a bigger part of Handmade Fuzion.

Featured Artisan The Soap Buffet

By Handmade FuZion on 4:23 AM

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The Soap Buffet

Handmade Soaps ~ Indulge Yourself

Where are you located? We are located in East Islip, New York which is on Long Island.

How long have you been creating handmade items? I started with paper crafts, cards and such when my children were very little. Moved on to stained glass as they got older, and now that they are all in there teens and will be leaving the nest in the near future my husband and I started our soap business together. We have been making soap for a little more than a year.

What type of products do you offer? At this time we offer a variety of soaps and are planning on expanding to other bath and body products in the coming year.
How did you decide on your company’s name? Well we knew we would be having a variety of different bath products and wanted people to know they can always come back for seconds. The Soap Buffet was born.

What is your motivation? We love to see people’s reactions to certain scents. Everyone has there favorite scent and the pleasure you see on there face when you capture it in your products is priceless.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? We truly enjoy the time we have together making our soaps without the interruptions from the kids. We love to hear from people who have tried handmade soap for the first time. They usually swear they will never go back to store bought soaps again.

Which items are your best sellers? Our Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap is our #1 seller. Many of the mini muffins soaps and cupcake soaps are very popular with the kids. They think they are “so cute” and they are the perfect size for little hands.

How do you market your products? Most of our marketing is done in the forums, through referrals and craft fairs. Hoping to add a blog in the coming year and to expand our Myspace and Facebook accounts.

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? We love the prefilled fields and the option of being on the front page. We think your contests ideas are a great motivation for the sellers!

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Just follow your heart and be creative. What is loved by some is not necessarily loved by all so just do what makes you happy.

Featured Artisan Soul Harbor Jewelry

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Nature inspired Fine Silver Jewelry created by Joni Doyle-Sims

Where are you located? De Forest, WI
How long have you been creating handmade items? I've been working with Precious Metal Clay for 5 years.
What type of products do you offer? I sell nature inspired, fine silver jewelry.
How did you decide on your company’s name? Creating my artwork is a very personal experience, it comes from deep inside me. I consider this creative process like a harbor for my soul; a safe place to turn to, an inlet, an outlet...A Soul Harbor.
What is your motivation? My motivation comes from the everyday beauty around me here in Wisconsin. I'm motivated by winter's bare tree branches, sunshine on a lake, a dragonfly in flight.
What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? The complete joy of having someone buy something I've made, to have them love and cherish the piece as much as I do. To have what I've put into a piece, transmit the meaning and message, to someone else.
Which items are your best sellers? My carved tree pendants are my best sellers.
How do you market your products? I sell my work at art fairs around Wisconsin. I have jewelry in two galleries in Door County, WI ( Gallery Ten and Forte ) I have work here on Handmade Fuzion and on Etsy.
What are your favorite features on Handmade FuZion? It's very easy to list and update items on the site, very user friendly!
Do you have any advice for other artisans? Keep working, experimenting and expanding your artistic horizon. You never know what you've got inside you, what you're capable of, until you push yourself past all of your fears and doubts.

Featured Artisan The Loft Lady

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The LoftLady

Quality Fabric & Yarn Creations

Where are you located? McPherson, Kansas (approx 50 miles north of Wichita). I was born in Tacoma, Washington, grew up in Bakersfield, California and lived in Kenai, Alaska for 10 years but I've settled in Kansas and I love it here.

How long have you been creating handmade items? Over 30 years. I started with sewing, then I learned how to knit and later to crochet. About 6 years ago I fell in love with designing jewelery, then I took a class on silversmithing so I could work with sterling silver.
What type of products do you offer? Sewing: Purses, Totes, Wristlets, Wallets, Bibs, small Quilts and Stuffed animals.Knitting & Crochet: Hats, Scarves, Neck Warmers, Ankle Warmers, Gloves and Purses.

How did you decide on your company’s name? I am 'TheLoftLady' because I live in a loft which I absolutely love. It's not fancy but I have so much room for all my work areas. I have 3 tables together for laying out & cutting fabric, a table with 2 sewing machines set up and ready to sew. Two tables for basic jewelry supplies and a work area with a magnifying light, there is even an area for my silver work where I can safely use my torch. I also have a clay table where I make beads and buttons.

What is your motivation? Everybody has a passion and making all these things is mine. I cannot imagine not creating things. My children would tell you they have never know me to not be making something. I have tried to stop and find other areas of interest but I can't so apparently I really don't want to.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? To me it is how I can start out with some fabric or yarn and create anything I want to, there are really no limits as to what I can do if I try. I love that I can just make-up something and I do not have to use a pattern. This also makes my items one-of-a-kind which is something I think buyers love - I mean don't we all love having 'the only one' of something?

Which items are your best sellers? No one item has sold better than others.
How do you market your products? I don't get to do much actual marketing. I live in a small area so have no real maketing opportunities, so although I think marketing is important I spend my time designing and making my products. I hope that the sites on which I sell will do some fantastic maketing on our behalf.

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? I love the way it is set-up, the size of the photos are the greatest! I love the scrolling photos across the top, I think they are so much more interesting then fixed photos. I also love that I can easily list a 'like item'.What new features would you like to see? I think it is interesting to see what others have sold. I would love for the featured artist to change more often for a couple of reasons. One, because more artists can be featured and two because I think people get tired or seeing the same thing everytime they log on. More design options for the stores would be great, maybe having a place for photos of the artist at work or of their work areas would be interesting.

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Do what you love to do, do your best work and be honest in your listings.

Featured Artisan 360 Skincare

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Where are you located? San Diego, California

How long have you been creating handmade items? We have been making Skin Care products for just shy of 8 years.

What type of products do you offer? We offer a wide spectrum of pampering natural skin care products for the face, body and feet.

How did you decide on your company’s name? We came up with the name after all the products in our line had been created. We covered everything from head to so we though we would be giving customer a full 360 experience. Hence the name 360 Skin Care.

What is your motivation? There are a lot of different motivations in my life, but by far my

biggest motivators are my Children. Showing them that it is possible to follow your dreams and not settle for a job because its easy or a pay check is a rewarding experience. Our family owned business allows me to instill a work ethic in my children that I never could working for someone else. They get to see everything the good and the bad.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? The freedom to experiment. I love taking one ingredient and seeing how it reacts with another ingredient. Each new formulation has the potential to be a success or failure with just a minor modification.

Which items are your best sellers? Our Hydrating Body Scrubs are our number one seller, followed closely by Shea & Aloe Facial Cleanser and Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Crème.
How do you market your products? For wholesale we have independent sales representatives, attend spa trade shows and also a lot of direct marketing. For retail marketing we sale via our site www.360SkinCare.com, Handmade FuZion, and Amazon. We also advertise on blogs and in co-operative print ads.

What are your favorite features on Handmade FuZion? What new features would you like to see? My favorite feature is the scrolling images along the top. It keeps the page fresh and engaging. I don’t have any particular upgrade I would like to see at the moment except maybe the ability to see sold items.

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Have passion for what you do and keep trying to improve your craft. Whether it is with your actual products, images or your customer service, always strive for the next level.

Featured Artisan Archaic Designs

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: contemporary ornamental jewelry
: incorporating elements of glass : metal : stone

Where are you located? Duluth Minnesota
How long have you been creating handmade items? 40 years, I started when I was 10.
What type of products do you offer? Jewelry, incorporating stone, glass and metal.
How did you decide on your company’s name? My name is a combination of my initials and what I do.
What is your motivation? I have a passion for indigenous art and jewelry.
What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? Putting the pieces of the puzzle together making a well made piece of wearable jewelry that I know will last a long time.
Which items are your best sellers? I think the large wire wrapped bracelets, because of the beads I use they end up pretty expensive. They take longer to sell but from what I hear from my customers, they love them. And the seed bead pendants I make.
How do you market your products? I have been advertising on many handmade or associated sites. I have also opened new shops on four other selling sites. I don't think I can actually answer the marketing question right now.
What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? II do like the fact that it's juried. I'm not sure if I do have a favorite feature, I'm still getting to know the site.
Do you have any advice for other artisans? Educate yourself about your art or craft, take classes, read books, know the history. Do not jump in blind without sound business advise and knowledge.

Featured Artisan Glasstastic Treasures

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Unique lampwork beads, jewelry, stained and fused glass.A little fun, a little whimsy, a lot of handmade happiness!

Where are you located? Lake Nebagamon Wisconsin. Just minutes south of Lake Superior.
How long have you been creating handmade items? Oh, my. Forever! My mother still has a green and teal plate I made in grade school, I colored it with markers! I love it all, and I want to do it all. I take after my dad, by the way. LOL My mom agrees.

What type of products do you offer? I started my glass addiction with stained glass. I am addicted to lampwork bead making. I'm happiest when I'm at my torch. With the lampworking came a need for display, so I make jewelry also. I do a little fused glass. But my kiln is usually full of beads, so I'll just have to get another kiln for fusing!

How did you decide on your company’s name? Well, it took a lot of clever thinking. But I wanted it to specify "glass", and how wonderful it is, and that it is something that can always be treasured. And there you have it, Glasstastic Treasures.

What is your motivation? Everything. I look at something and wonder, hmm, can I wind glass around a mandrel and make it look like that? How would that look as a bead? I wonder if I can do that? And my customers. I recently had a friend ask me to make her a Goddess bead, which I'd never made before. She was with me the whole way through, from my first bead to the ones I just sent her. She was inspiring, and very encouraging. But most of all, she was so thrilled with what she received. A customer's happiness is always motivating.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishement. But more then that, is the warm feeling when someone tells you how much they love what they've just received. A treasure! lol

Which items are your best sellers? Anything that's cute, it changes all the time: Mummies at Halloween. Snowmen at Christmas. Bugs and butterflies in the summer. And FISH!
How do you market your products? Craft sales are a big help. But mostly through the forums. I also have a blog, a free website, and just started with Project Wonderful. But recently, word of mouth. Yay!

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? I love the prefilled fields for listing items. And being able to choose which items show up on the front page, and the newsletter feature. What I would like to see is the ability to create more then one prefilled template.

Do you have any advice for other artisans? The one thing I've learned is to take other's advice in stride. I have found that when someone tells me I should do this or do that, and then I do it, it never works for me. Find your own style with everything, from photos to pricing! An example is a book I bought on selling jewelry. The seasoned seller said to NOT bombard a person as soon as they stop by your craft table. I found that if I don't grab their attention immediately with what they are looking at and how it's made, they simply walk away. So for me, a greeting and a little description on how I lampwork builds an interest and appreciation in my craft. And a sale!

Featured Artisan KJM Silks

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KJM Silks

Art to wear.

Where are you located? Coral Gables, FL

How long have you been creating handmade items? I've been making handmade items all my life! The first things I remember are paper rings I made for my mother for Christmas, and a hand-sewn baby romper I made when I was about 6. The romper was for my youngest sister, born when I was six. I made it by sewing together fabric squares by hand - some of the stitches were pretty big and let's just say, there was good air circulation! My mother wrestled the baby into it just long enough for a photo op, and then put it away for posterity. I studied drawing and painting in high school and college, and ended up with a degree in painting. I began silk painting after the birth of my first child, when it became impossible to continue with oil painting, and that brings us up-to-date!

What type of products do you offer? I hand-paint and hand-dye silks: silk scarves, neckties, and pillows.

How did you decide on your company’s name? My name is a combination of my initials and what I do.

What is your motivation? I love art and I love to create. A day without creating is like a day without sunshine.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? I love the fact that handmade items can be completely unique. If I paint a scribble scarf, there will never be another exactly like it. I love different!

Which items are your best sellers? My best sellers are my scribble scarves and neckties. I guess everyone loves scribbling!

How do you market your products? I have to admit that marketing is not my strong point. I sell my scarves online, and at some local gift shops. I have contributed to the Sampler, and I try to wear my products as much as possible, but I haven't used print or online advertising.

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? I love the variety and quality of all the wonderful handmade products. I love seeing the new products showing up on the front page. i can't think of anything I want to change.

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Keep making stuff!

Featured Artisan CD Childs

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CD Childs

I live to create. If I'm not creating then I'm not living.

Where are you located? In a small town called Lorena, Texas

How long have you been creating handmade items? I started painting at the age of 12. Ever since then I can't remember a time that I was not creating something. I became a stained glass artist over eight years ago and opened my own business. However I enjoy making the smaller items that I list here on Handmade Fuzion.

What type of products do you offer? I offer stained glass pendants made from different items like filigree, watch parts and small flowers. Really anything that will fit under glass. I also love to fire up my kiln and melt wine bottles into cheese trays.

How did you decide on your company’s name? My company name is actually the initials of my real name. I wanted people to know me as CDChilds.

What is your motivation? Everything is my motivation. My surroundings, my friends, my family and my pets all have a very important role in my creativity process.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? I truly love being my own boss. It allows me to stay home with my son Gage. He is a special child with who has a blood disorder called Aplastic Anemia. I love the fact that if I need to take a day off I can do so without having to answer to someone else or using my vacation time.

Which items are your best sellers? Currently my best sellers are my wine bottle cheese trays and my filigree leaf pendants.

How do you market your products? I have a blog http://designsbycdchilds.blogspot.com/ and I recently joined Twitter http://twitter.com/CDChilds and I also advertise with Project Wonderful. However my main form of advertising is by word of mouth and repeat customers.

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? I love how we can run our own networking right from the Handmade Fuzion site. I'm also very impressed how the administrative respond to all of our many questions. They are very on top of keeping Handmade Fuzion running smoothly.

Do you have any advice for other artisans? I think one of the most important tools for selling your craft is "great" pictures. You must have great pictures for your customers to be able to really get a feel for what they may purchase. Also I think your description should leave nothing to be desired. Explain and describe every detail in such a way that the customer must buy your product.

Featured Artisan KJ Beads

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The Essential Elements by KJBeads

Handcrafted, often one of a kind jewelry
with a focus on handmade glass beads

Where are you located? On the edge. The edge of Chicago that is, in Niles , Illinois

How long have you been creating handmade items? My entire life. I have done cross stitching, rug hooking, crochet, macramé and other assorted crafts as a child. I think maybe my mother had that "idle hands, idle mind" thing going on. Either that, or she was trying desperately to raise five non-criminals and keeping me busy was part of her plan. Before jewelry, I was very into stamp art. I have now been creating jewelry for almost 11 years, however, I do believe my 2 boys will always be my greatest creation.

What type of products do you offer? I make earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. If I can squeeze in some metalsmithing classes, I may add rings to that list. Most items are made using handmade lampwork or handmade venetian glass. You will also find, pearls, semi-precious stones and other beads. Again, as a stay at home mom, I try to make pieces that are affordable, yet unique. Things I would be willing to spend money on and would wear myself.

How did you decide on your company’s name? I was trying to incorporate the use of materials (stones, silver, etc) with the concept of jewelry being the thing that pulls a whole outfit together. After all, life is all about the accessories.

What is your motivation? I started with a hobby and grew into a business. Having something that is completely my own is wonderful. My escape from motherhood/homemaking and stress. Working for that hot tub never hurt either. 11 years and I'm still working on it. Of course, new furniture, car repairs and music lessons may have something to do with that. Truthfully, the materials motivate me. My weaknesses are glass, pottery and jewelry. To be able to use all three in my work is inspiring in itself. Ask my husband and you'll probably get an answer more along the lines of an excuse to feed a bead fetish. It is a compulsion!

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? The personal connection with the customer. Knowing people appreciate my work and know I stand behind it. Replacing that one lost earring or making the perfect piece for a prom or wedding is so satisfying. I love seeing that smile when I get it just right for someone. I have really embraced the whole "Buy Handmade" concept. Support independent business people and artists versus the big box giants is very satisfying.

Which items are your best sellers? Earrings are by far the biggest sellers, though you never know what will be the "hot" item from show to show. I do know the unique, handmade glass beads will always be popular.

How do you market your products? I have a mailing list of over 200 people. In an effort to go "green", I am trying to do more on line inviting and announcements. I have been placing more on line ads and cross promoting my shows with my on line ventures. I have a blog that captures my spirit and promotes other handmade artists in addition to my own work also.

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? I don't know that I have a favorite feature, per sea, but I really appreciate the variety and randomness of front page items. Once I familiarized myself with the navigation of the site, I was much more comfortable. If I could wish for anything it would be the continued improvement of the existing features. I find shoppers to be completely visual beings. I would like the visual aspect of listings and searches to continue to expand

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Never stop asking questions, trying new things and watching/learning. I am completely self taught, thus dependant on the advice of others. I try to pass it on every chance I get. Stick with it and have a positive attitude. The minute you think you know it all, have reached perfection or have nothing left to learn, it's over. Never stop pushing the limits.

FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 25

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We are proud to present our final FuZion Finds of 2008. We will now begin to feature artisans from handmade fuzion and an upcoming BLOG CONTEST!!!
We hope that you've enjoyed our picks and they've helped in your decision to buy handmade for the holidays.

Todays finds:

Iridescent Purple Peyote Bracelet - This peyote bracelet is beadwoven with beautiful, tiny Japanese seed beads in iridescent purple. Smaller seed beads are woven along the edges to give this bracelet a nice delicate frame. The closure is by a brass ornamented box clasp.

Permanent Origami Bride and Groom Earrings on Wedding day - The dresses are white with sparkles. They are hard to photograph in a manner that shows the details and keeps them looking white.Each tiny garment has been made permanent and durable with many layers of polymer sealant.They are very light and comfortable to wear.Each tiny dress is 1 and 1/8 inches tall and the fullest part of the skirt is also 1 and 1/8 inches.

Country Dogs- PRINT 8 x 10" - This eclectic trio of dogs are having a country music hoe-down! The black poodle is on fiddle; the bloodhound is on banjo and the Alaskan Malamute is on guitar; Yee-haw!This is a print from my original painting; "Dog Hoe-Down".It was printed by my Epson R1800 printer on 8.5 x 11" Epson Ultra Premium Matte Paper . This acid-free 100% paper is lovely and enhances the vibrant colors of this print. I have signed and dated it in pencil beside the image.

FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 24

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As FuZion Finds winds down we want to make sure we've given a fair chance to all our artisans, but we also realize this will not be possible in this short amount of time. After we have our Featured Artisan segment we will go back to featuring items and if anyone wasn't featured this time around we encourage you to contact us so we can get the good word out there on the blogs for you.

Todays Finds are:

Laminated Mature Mini Notes for obnoxious drivers and bad parking! - Never have that snappy remark available at just the right moment? Don't suffer delayed comeback again! This set of eight mini notes (2 of each design shown) are perfect for those times in your life when an asshole is simply unavoidable. Just put it on their windshield, desk, or even drop it on their lap. The note will do the talking for you!No no, don't thank me, I'm just doing my job.

FIBER BEAD - We outclass those other beads by a mile. Look at our feathery, sparkly selves. Tell her we need a mirror in our drawer. This is a set of 9 fiber beads in red and black with flecks of gold peeking out everywhere! These beads ARE feathery looking and might remind you of a cocoon because of the end I start on. IF you want to it can be snipped off without effect. I left it because I think it looks very cool.

My Mother's Heart - Earrings - I lost my mother in 2003 to heart disease. I miss her so much, especially this time of year. I have named these earrings to honor her memory and the memory of all the mothers who have been lost to heart disease.

FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 23

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Todays Finds brings us only 2 posts away from our final FuZion Finds for the year. We've enjoyed bringing you amazing creations from our talented artisans, but it's time to move on and meet some of the amazing people behind the art. Our 25th Daily pick will be our last for the year.

Without any further delay our Fabulous Finds:

Four Christmas Cards - These cards are simple, but really pretty. I bought the tags that are on the front from an Etsy seller, then put them on these cards. Perfect for the holidays!
The cards measure 5.5" by 4" and come with envelopes. The insides are blank for your personal message.

Mineral Makeup Starter Kit - This seven-piece starter kit is a fabulous way to introduce yourself to mineral makeup. It's packed with everything you need to achieve a radiant, flawless-looking face, including an instructional CD that explains precisely how to apply each product!♦ 30 Gram Jar Foundation (choose from color chart)♦ 10 Gram Jar Blush (choose from color chart)♦ 10 gram Jar Bronzer OR Glow Powder (choose ONE)♦ 30 Gram Jar Clear Setting Powder♦ Makeup Case♦ All Purpose VEGAN Face Brush (Handle color may vary) ♦ Mineral Makeup 101 Instructional CD

Hot Pink Skulls Baby Burp Blankie - This is a super cool Hot Pink Skull burp blankie with tags. Made from high quality cotton fabric, chenille, minkie and jumbo ric rack. These are perfect stylish burp cloths that grow with your baby into a favorite blankie to tow around town. Four triple sewn tags are safe and fun for your little one.

FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 22

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Sorry for the delay in posts. Janice had difficulty with her internet connection. What a mess.

We have some beautiful finds for today!!! Perfect for gift giving and just in time for the holiday!

Scented Strawberry Ice Cream Scoop Charm - Finally...entirely guilt free ice cream is here! One super realistic scoop of strawberry ice cream in a fluted ceramic bowl. This charm hangs by a sterling silver jump ring. Soooo cute. Scent - Strawberry Ice Cream. All items can be unscented as well.

Square Effects - Classic Retro circles black and gray necklace and earrings - The weather may be turning colder in the northern hemisphere, but you can still heat up the night with this funky, retro necklace and earrings set.The necklace features faceted round crystal beads of black and true grey as well as smooth round and coin-shaped black glass beads interspersed with solid silver twisted rope rings. At a luxurious 26" (66cm) finished length, this necklace is one continuous circle with no beginning or end. This one slips easily over your head to dress up that little black dress or bring a little bit of class to jeans and a t-shirt.

Lady Snowman Lampwork Bead Pendant/Charm - This Ms. Snowman lampwork bead pendant was handmade by me, Amy, in my home studio. It measures approx 2 inches or 52mm long. It has sterling silver findings, including a lobster claw so that it may be clipped on to many things in addition to being a pendant.I use Moretti, Vetrofond, Lauscha, Bullseye, and Reichenbach glass types. My beads are kiln annealed for strength and durability. Even though they are properly annealed, it is still glass and needs proper care especially when there are ears, appendages, petals, etc.


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1st place - $25.00 Cash - The Loft Lady

2nd place - $10.00 Credit to your Handmade FuZion Account - Archaic Design
3rd place - Candy Gift Box (Donated by Nuts4Candy) - Skin Essentials

Stay Tuned for Our Next Exciting Handmade FuZion Contest

Coming Soon!

FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 21

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Although we enjoy blogging about items that we adore, we will be discontinuing the featured items after the 25th Daily Pick comes out.

We are doing this to make room for a Full Featured Artisan Interview!

Today's Fabulous Finds are:

Exotic Breeze Hydrating Body Scrub - Submerge yourself in the center of an island orchard with 360 Skin Care’s Exotic Breeze Hydrating Body Scrub. Moisturize dry weather beaten skin and maintain your skin’s elasticity with nutrients found in Apple extract. Apples are also a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which peel away old layers of dead skin and reveal fresh skin cells. Conditon your skin with rich oils to improve your skin’s appearance while restoring youth and radiance to the largest organ on your body, your skin.

Choose Your Initial Assorted Mix of Handpainted Monogrammed Ceramic Tile Pendant Necklaces - This listing is for ONE handpainted pendant in your choice of initial and design. Each pendant was handpainted on a 1" ceramic tile using bright fun colors in patterns that will be sure to get noticed! Perfect for gift giving or treat yourself to a little extra something special!Several layers of sealer have been applied for protection and fabulous glass-like shine!!! A sterling silver plated bail has been attached to the back and will come complete with a 16" ribbon with a lobster claw clasp in your choice of black, white, hot pink, light pink, light lime, yellow, and chocolate.

Wonderland Shea Butter Cold Process Soap - When I made this soap, I wanted to encompass all the flavors of the holidays, and then came upon Peppermint and Fir Needle essential oils. These two oils, when combined, make one heavenly bar of soap. The scent reminds me of candy canes on a christmas tree...a real christmas tree..not a plastic one, mind you! Dense rich creamy lather here!

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The selection just gets better everyday! Stop by and take a peek at these beautiful handmade items that will make someone very happy for the holiday!

My Back Yard - This piece was inspired by our lake-side home in north Alabama...Crystal clear blue water.Green grass on the bank.Little lizards running around.Mossy rocks at the waters edge.Bubbles rising from fish deep below the surface.Everything that makes it hard to come in from the porch has been fused into this 5" sushi-style plate.

Sleep Baby! Doggies Chenille Baby Blanket - Sleep Baby! Chenille Baby Blanket...Babies feel warm and loved when wrapped in this wonderful baby blanket! It makes a great gift for winter babies! It measures 23 X 30 inches making it great for keeping baby warm in the stroller, car seat or while at home this winter. It also makes a great tummy time floor blanket and can double as a changing pad when needed.This chenille baby blanket is super soft and extra warm. It is made with Heather Ross designer cotton fabric and high-quality, durable cotton chenille. This blanket will last forever and it'll get softer and softer with every wash.
Retro Far Out Large Flat bottom zipper pouch - A retro look designer fabric!!!A new style coin purse/zipper pouch that has a flat bottom so it can stand on its own. Made with this beautiful designer fabric that I bat quilt interfacing for extra strength yet still soft and comfortable to use, and a zipper close for extra security. This zipper pouch has so many wonderful uses. Great as a coin purse, small cosmetic case, or even your ipod or ditigal camera case.

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Todays finds are just beautiful. Take a moment and enjoy the view of these amazing handmade items while perhaps sipping some tea or hot cocoa.

Red Glass with Black Floral Etching - This choker/necklace is to die for!This choker/necklace consists of gorgeous 8mm x 20mm rectangular dark red glass beads with floral etching that's enhanced with black on BOTH sides. The dark red glass beads are separated by Swarovski 4mm bicone crystals in hematite (shimmery black) and Swarovski 4mm crystal pearls in white.

Personalized Sterling Silver Affirmation Pendant - I make these pendants by first carefully handwriting your chosen word in sterling silver wire, then creating a thick gauge sterling wire frame to set it in. I then burnish and harden the piece for durability and shine. The size of your pendant will vary based on the number of letters, Peace as shown is about 1 inch.These are made to order with whatever word or name you would like, up to 10 letters.

Butterfly Blues Ring - A fine silver (.999) Butterfly Ring embellished with vibrant glass enamels. The band on this ring has a whimsical botanical design and measures 5/8 in width. The rectangular face of the ring is 5/8 x 7/8 of an inch. The ring pictured here is a size 8 1/2 but can be custom made to your size. The design and color will vary for custom orders.

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As we get closer to the holidays it becomes more and more exciting to select these items for you. We hope you enjoy this gift guide service we're providing. Handmade FuZion has so many fantastic artisans and amazing items listed. We are proud to bring these items to you today!

Will you be my fairy princess? - A colorful storybook scene has been woodburned on this arched door topper!Prince Charming offers a crown to the lovely Princess with all the tiny forest people gathered around them. The Prince wears his best blue robe to make his proposal. The Princess sits atop a mushroom with a sweet expression. Her long lavender gown and accessories compliment her long flowing hair.

Waverunner Cuffs - If you're familiar with my overall body of work, then you know how much I love big cuffs! But every now and then two small ones can serve the same purpose. These two brass mini waverunners were made by me and my trusty hydraulic press. They each measure about 1/2 wide.

Dance of Light II - Dance of Light II exemplifies what the Dance of Light series creations seeks to express. Dance of Light curves and flows with the energy of graceful movement, illuminated.Light sculpture is created by a process of natural flexible wood reed shaped and glued into a form with a white tissue papier mache process applied over it in layers. A small candelabra light fixture is mounted inside. Each light sculpture is one of a kind and no two light sculptures ever seem to go together the same way, including the mounting of the light inside.


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We are so very excited!!! We are only 900 virtual tickets away from our goal and DOUBLING the prizes to our lucky winners!

Time to get excited! We are amazed that we have over 9,100 virtual tickets in the pot with still 4 days to go!!! Remember the highest points are for referrals and purchases and WHEN we reach 10,000 virtual tickets we are DOUBLING the Prizes!!! We love contests like this because you are awarded tickets just for building your business! It's a win-win situation.

In the lead for the Cash prize is - The Lofty Lady, with Cilla Rose closing in on 2nd place and Skin Essentials in 3rd place. There is still time in the contest for anyone to step up their game and WIN!!!

Encourage your friends and family to stop by http://www.handmadefuzion.com/ for a beautiful showcase of handmade items!

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Indulge yourself in a wonderland of handmade items that are sure to delight your family and friends! Interact with your artisan today and get that perfect gift!

FuZion Finds today are:

Adorable handknit Red Hat - This adorable hat will be the perfect gift for your special little Princess. She will look so cute and be so warm too. Hand Knit by me using knitting needles, with a nice fold-up brim and 5 soft cables that run from brim to crown.

Peppermint Loofa Soap - Use this soap to really scrub those areas with dry skin - great for your feet, but can be used anywhere. Use this soap on your feet and follow with our rich shea butter foot cream. You won't be disappointed.

Snow Bear Plush - Snow Bear is here just in time for the holidays and is ready to play! His arms are ready for lots of cuddles and he sits up on his own pretty well for all kinds of imaginative play. He has a super round belly and blue eyes that have been hand sewn, so that there are no parts to fall off. He has been made with the utmost attention to detail and highest quality, so he could be treasured by bear lover's of any age.