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FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 18

By Handmade FuZion on 5:45 AM

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As we get closer to the holidays it becomes more and more exciting to select these items for you. We hope you enjoy this gift guide service we're providing. Handmade FuZion has so many fantastic artisans and amazing items listed. We are proud to bring these items to you today!

Will you be my fairy princess? - A colorful storybook scene has been woodburned on this arched door topper!Prince Charming offers a crown to the lovely Princess with all the tiny forest people gathered around them. The Prince wears his best blue robe to make his proposal. The Princess sits atop a mushroom with a sweet expression. Her long lavender gown and accessories compliment her long flowing hair.

Waverunner Cuffs - If you're familiar with my overall body of work, then you know how much I love big cuffs! But every now and then two small ones can serve the same purpose. These two brass mini waverunners were made by me and my trusty hydraulic press. They each measure about 1/2 wide.

Dance of Light II - Dance of Light II exemplifies what the Dance of Light series creations seeks to express. Dance of Light curves and flows with the energy of graceful movement, illuminated.Light sculpture is created by a process of natural flexible wood reed shaped and glued into a form with a white tissue papier mache process applied over it in layers. A small candelabra light fixture is mounted inside. Each light sculpture is one of a kind and no two light sculptures ever seem to go together the same way, including the mounting of the light inside.

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