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Featured Artisan The Soap Buffet

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The Soap Buffet

Handmade Soaps ~ Indulge Yourself

Where are you located? We are located in East Islip, New York which is on Long Island.

How long have you been creating handmade items? I started with paper crafts, cards and such when my children were very little. Moved on to stained glass as they got older, and now that they are all in there teens and will be leaving the nest in the near future my husband and I started our soap business together. We have been making soap for a little more than a year.

What type of products do you offer? At this time we offer a variety of soaps and are planning on expanding to other bath and body products in the coming year.
How did you decide on your company’s name? Well we knew we would be having a variety of different bath products and wanted people to know they can always come back for seconds. The Soap Buffet was born.

What is your motivation? We love to see people’s reactions to certain scents. Everyone has there favorite scent and the pleasure you see on there face when you capture it in your products is priceless.

What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? We truly enjoy the time we have together making our soaps without the interruptions from the kids. We love to hear from people who have tried handmade soap for the first time. They usually swear they will never go back to store bought soaps again.

Which items are your best sellers? Our Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap is our #1 seller. Many of the mini muffins soaps and cupcake soaps are very popular with the kids. They think they are “so cute” and they are the perfect size for little hands.

How do you market your products? Most of our marketing is done in the forums, through referrals and craft fairs. Hoping to add a blog in the coming year and to expand our Myspace and Facebook accounts.

What are your favorite features on Handmade Fuzion? We love the prefilled fields and the option of being on the front page. We think your contests ideas are a great motivation for the sellers!

Do you have any advice for other artisans? Just follow your heart and be creative. What is loved by some is not necessarily loved by all so just do what makes you happy.

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