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By Handmade FuZion on 2:31 PM

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Handmade FuZion is proud to announce a BRAND NEW
advertising tool that can skyrocket your listing exposure and increase sales


How do I use INSTA-TWIT?
This unique new feature for handmadefusion.com enables you to automatically send out a twitter link each time you list a new item on the site. Why do double the work? Now you can let your handmadefusion account do it for you!

INSTA-TWIT Directions: Add your Insta-Twit to your account.
To do this go to Members Area>Control Panel>Click on INSTA-TWIT then scroll down to Twitter settings and enter in your twitter user name and password, click the Update button.

Each time you create a new listing or a listing is renewed it will automatically tweet a link. If you don't have a twitter account or choose not to use yours, our default account will be used which is HandmadeFuZion.

The link looks like this: http://bit.ly/wKz7I Strawberries - For sale at http://www.handmadefusion.com

Here's HOW: Create an account** on http://www.handmadefusion.com/formSpan.php? setup your account information which will include your twitter account. List your items (Currently For FREE) and Insta-Twit will automatically send out a tweet for you!

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