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By Handmade FuZion on 7:20 AM

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NEW FRONT PAGE FEATURED ARTISAN: We have just installed a brand new script that will randomly select a new Featured Artisan to be displayed on the front page each time the front page is hit or refreshed. This is a complete review and can include full HTML and an interview if you wish!
NEW TICKET SUPPORT SYSTEM: This added featured will enable our artisans and visitors to submit tickets for any issues, bugs or questions that may arise. The added function is to create a knowledge base for all to benefit from.
NEW SHIPPING DETAILS FEATURE: When your item has sold and you are ready to ship to your buyer you should contact them via email, the Message Board (through Handmade FuZion) and also by using the new updated Shipping Options through the member control panel. Directions here
FRONT PAGE ADVERTISING: We now are proud to display a banner advertisement on our front page. It is under the Featured Items and is available for purchase on a monthly basis and will rotate. We’ve limited the number of advertisers in this spot to allow for maximum exposure. Ads are approved on a first-come-first-served basis. Get your spot NOW!

Handmade FuZion now has a new site feature "Store Reviews!!! http://shophf.com We have amazing artisans...check it out and leave a review!

coming soon.... item reviews, guestbook, member stats and much more!!!

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