FuZing the Creative with the Consumer

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APRIL 20 - MAY 20, 2009

No signup is necessary. Everyone is eligible to win! Don't wait get started now!!!

How it works:

We have assigned virtual tickets for things you normally do in building your business,
such as listing an item, making a purchase and telling your friends about Handmade FuZion.


Tickets Awarded:
Virtual Tickets for each Item Listed = 100
Virtual Tickets for each Item Purchased = 100
Virtual Tickets for each New Referral = 100 (The person you refer needs to put your name into the registration form. You will receive your tickets manually)

Two winners will be selected based on the highest total points.

Prizes awarded:
1st place - $25.00 Cash in your Paypal Account
2nd place - $10.00 Credit to your Handmade FuZion Account (*Note: If you hold a buyers only account, then we will credit your Paypal Account )

Can not be combined with any other offer or contest.
If you would like to donate an item for the next contest please contact us at
admin@handmadefusion.com. If you are selected we will add 50 tickets to your account.

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