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Featured Artisan Miascloset

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1. Where are you located? Shelby Township , MI

2. How long have you been creating handmade items? I started designing pet apparel in 2003, but I have been a designer since I was old enough to pick up a pencil.

3. What type of products do you offer? Pet apparel, fun neck wear, harnesses and custom t-shirts.

4. How did you decide on your company’s name? I started designing apparel for my own pup and her name was Mia. This shop is dedicated to her.

5. What is your motivation? I just love what I do. I believe that pets are such an important part of a happy life and they are with us such a short time. To me, responsible pet ownership includes having fun with them. I try to create designs to reflect that.

6. What do you enjoy most about creating handmade items? I enjoy the whole process from creating a design on paper, to seeing the finished product.

7. Which items are your best sellers? I really don’t have a best seller. My coats and dresses are very popular. My customers are so varied and I try to create items that appeal to a wide range of pet owners.

8. How do you market your products? I really haven’t had to do much marketing.

9. What are your favorite features on Handmade FuZion? What new features would you like to see? This is a site that is easy to navigate. I like the screening process which is why I applied to this site.

10. Do you have any advice for other artisans? I believe that you have to have an enthusiasm for what you are creating. Artisans need to find their niche and create what they love.

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