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Back to Normal - Better than Ever!

By Handmade FuZion on 7:35 AM

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So glad the election is over. Seems many people had their lives on hold until this moment in time due to it being such a historical event. Hopefully sales and the economy will pick up and things will get somewhat back to normal now... or maybe better than ever.

We have wonderful things planned for our artisans, for new comers and for buyers on Handmade FuZion.

We will be under going a "Make Over" very shortly! Even though it's early in our journey we are stepping up our look and adding some important and fun features very soon.

We will be launching our First Contest very shortly, as soon as we work out all the details. We'll also be sending out our 2 month anniversary email loaded with all the amazing new ideas, adverting and features we've added this past month!

We want to stress that we want to involve our artisans in the development of Handmade FuZion. That is why we have polls and a forum. We always have an open ear and encourage you to sumbit your ideas, talents and marketing strategies to us as they will all be considered.

Ok, back to the grindstone for me. :)

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