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Big Meeting Today

By Handmade FuZion on 11:08 AM

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We wanted to wait until we had a meeting this morning with our programmers before we posted here, so that is why it's a bit delayed.

There have been many requests from our artisans and we are doing all we can to provide the modifications they have asked for.

-We've decided on a New Layout and appearance.... this will include a brand new home page (nothing fancy) that will enable us to add content to it such as Featured Artist and Contest updates and information.

-We are kicking up our Search feature. That should be ready shortly... just needs some tweaking.

-Email to Sellers - We must agree that the email to a seller when an item sold was a bit lacking in information, so we have now corrected this with a FULLY detailed email to the seller that will include their Name, Address, and the ever important NOTES TO SELLER!!!

-We will be launching our blog contest as well as our First Monthly Handmade FuZion contest tomorrow.

Stay tuned for details.

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