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FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 13

By Handmade FuZion on 6:22 AM

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Our Finds today are from these talented artisans:

Chainmaille Choker With Crystal Pendant - I just love this necklace. I hate parting with it. It's made from very shiny aluminum rings. It looks like fine silver but you don't have to polish it and it is far lighter weight for comfort. There is no need to polish it like you would have to with sterling silver. And, the best part is that it's much more affordable than silver.

The design came out of my head and not out of a book or off of a chain maille website so you'll have a one of a kind piece!

Tigerlily Pendant - This is an eyecatching pendant featuring a gorgeous orange tigerlily on a chocolate background.
Each pendant is made from polymer clay which I roll out, cut, bake and sand. The image is transferred to the clay prior to baking. Coated with a thick protective gloss which gives it an amazing glass-like shine. Water resistant but not waterproof. Avoid moisture when possible.
Measures 1.25" across but can be made in any size at all. Just ask! :)
I will have various necklaces available in my shop asap. Black leather cord, black and brown suede as well as silver ballchain.

Best Ever Salad and Pasta Tongs - Made with poplar (a sustainable wood), sanded smooth to perfection and cured with an edible oil (olive.) Glued with Welbond Vegan All-purpose glue.

Recommended to hand wash only. If brushed with olive or vegetable oil every couple months these will be in great condition for years!

Seriously the best salad tong you can imagine. I have tossed every other set I've own. Great for mixing and serving, you will want to give these to all your friends and family =)

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