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FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 2

By Handmade FuZion on 5:33 AM

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Just want to update the contest information here. Our artisans are doing superb with the First Handmade FuZion contest. Just 4 days into it and we have over 2,000 virtual tickets in the pot!!!

Todays fabulous finds are:

"Color Lines" is a series of unique one of a kind vibrant works of art. There are no 2 alike - each one is handmade through a detailed process, created by me.The Color Lines Series is created from a process of repurposing old book pages (circa 1951 in this case), painting multiple layers of paint over each torn page, cutting the painted pages into pieces, and applying individual paper paintings onto a thick piece of black painted wood; then a careful thick coat of clear gloss lacquer makes for a tremendous shine and finish. Pictures just can't do the finished product justice! The thick gloss cover is truly remarkable.

This set of 5 glass discs was created in my studio from Oregon-based Bullseye art glass. Steel blue transparent glass was pressed into 5 discs that overlap on one another when worn, adding other depths of tone to the existing blue glass. I am including silver spacers as shown because I like the way it looks, but the set can also be worn without. The beads are approximately 12mm wide x 18mm long x 10mm at the bail(1/2" x 11/16" x 3/8"). This is a fun set with a minimalist style but a lot of interest!

This listing is for a Custom Little Girl Friend. You can choose the fabric, hair color/style, and skin tone.Currently, I have 4 skin tones to choose. Peach, Mocha, Dark Brown and Golden Peach. Each doll measures 7 inches with the little ball feet.

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