FuZing the Creative with the Consumer
**Make Way for Big Renovations to Handmade FuZion**

By Handmade FuZion on 4:31 AM

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Our amazing programmer has given us an early christmas present!!!! We have a fabulous new layout for our category pages WITH a gorgeous category featured scroller that will display all the category featured items!!! This makes shopping a dream!!! I was in awe this morning just starring at all the gorgeous items scrolling by. Better than TV anyday! I'd be there all day but we have to get the Gift Guide items picked out... LOL

The subcategories are right up at the top and the artisan stores for that category are nicely placed below that. Stores are listed with the highest number of items at the top of the list.

Stop by and take a look... it's just in time for Cyber Monday!!!!! Pick a Category :)

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