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FuZion Finds Gift Guide - Daily Picks 10

By Handmade FuZion on 7:31 AM

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Todays finds brings us items from these talented artisans!

Dogwood Blossom and Leaf - fabricated using traditional techniques including engraving, hand piercing, chasing and oxidation. Fabricated using copper. Chain is hand soldered and forged copper with a black oxidized finish that is lightly steel brushed to let the warm glow of the copper show through. Dogwood blossom is hand pierced with lightly engraved petals and oxidized finish.

Basic Leather Journal with Free Monogramming - When I'm crafting journals, I strive to make them beautiful and functional. I try to keep in mind that the most important part of the journal isn't the beautiful cover or the fanciest closure; it's what you put inside that really matters! This basic journal is made with precisely that thought in mind. It is simple, basic, beautiful, and I'm really excited to be presenting it to you!

Rockin Dinosaur in minky fabric -
This listing is for a Rockin Dino Plush - a plesiosaur - to be exact! I created this from a picture a customer sent to me and the dino turned out so cute I thought he should be available to everyone! The eyes are hand sewn in the anime style, he is made of the ultra-soft minky fabric, with teeth made of fleece (so they don't fray!). This Rockin Dino can go in the washing machine and dryer when play time get messy and is super nice to cuddle as well as roar. At 16" long, from his nose to the tip of his tail, he's a great size to play with and tote around.

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