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More Updates and Great Features!!!

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As we are approaching our 2 month anniversary on November 15th we have so many wonderful new features, a contest and a brand new site sponsored by Handmade FuZion!
Contest Details: Our First FuZion Contest is going amazingly well! We have 2,525 virtual tickets in the pot and we’re just one week into the contest!

New Features:

Google Base – All Items are submitted to Google Base daily! If you list an item on Handmade FuZion before 10:00 am EST it should be listed on Google Base that day.

Store Avatar - You’ve been asking and now we have it. You are able to upload your very own store avatar that will identify you to your community.

Email to Sellers – We’ve couldn’t wait to get this news out to you. Many of you mentioned the lack of information that was sent in an email when a purchase is made. Now you will receive ALL the vital information on your buyer PLUS we’ve added a NOTES TO SELLER box at checkout so they can put in any required variables such as size, color, shape etc that pertains to your item.

BlogSpot – We’ve opened a new blog and have been posting daily. We did this in hopes of driving more traffic to our network. http://HandmadeFuZion.blogspot.com We are featuring our FuZion Finds each day during the holiday season! Your item may be next!

New Domain – Because we’ve both been selling online for years we know the importance of a domain name for your business. Even though we LOVE the name Handmade FuZion, it is a long name and we are aware of that. We purchased an additional domain for you to use called shophf.com. Now you can use this new domain for your labels and business cards as follows: www.shophf.com/stores/yourstore

Layout Change – We have changed the “look/appearance” of Handmade FuZion. It’s nothing major but through the feedback we’ve received we decided to take a softer look with the site. Some of our colors and graphics will change so that your items will be the focus of the site.

Last but certainly not least we have opened a site that is an online directory/search engine strictly for links to handmade venues, blogs, networks and artisans. It is a FREE online directory and will be a great service to the handmade community. Ad space is going quickly so we would like to offer a FREE 1 month advertising slot to the first 6 people who make purchases on Handmade FuZion. You will also receive virtual tickets towards our contest! Make a purchase and send us an email with your 125x125 ad.

We look forward to a successful and creative journey with all of you.

Janice & Danielle

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