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By Handmade FuZion on 8:08 AM

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Just recently an email went out that said "We just couldn't wait".

We just couldn't wait for our two month anniversary to share these updates with you. Some very important changes have taken place at Handmade FuZion that will enhance your business experience with us!

· New Custom Store Hit Counters (built in) You can now add a hit counter to your store directly at Handmade FuZion without copying code and pasting it in.

· New Store Templates - We prefer the clean lines of the default template but artisans are unique and like to customize the look of their stores. We've added several new store templates for you to choose from.

· Killerstartups.com! We have a review of Handmade FuZion on this site and hope to shortly be on their front page as one of their Killerstartup websites. CLICK HERE.

· Feedback Importer- Last but certainly not least is Handmade FuZion's Feedback Importer! Because we are young and many do not have feedback, this can sometimes be a drawback when a customer is looking to make a purchase. Now you can import your feedback score from 6 other selling sites! When you login to Handmadefusion.com you will see the Import Feedback Link on the left side under the Orange Members Area. Directions for each site's feedback import is on the page. Please carefully follow ALL DIRECTIONS in the order they are given. When it has successfully imported your feedback, you will see a message immediately that says: Congratulations, We have Successfully imported your (name of site) Feedback Score of: 206.

We look forward to a successful and creative journey with all of you.

Janice & Danielle

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